Paiement Sécurisé BNP
  • 5,00 € 7,00 €

    A ball enter magically into a box. Easy to do. You will receive a detailed video explanation.

    5,00 € 7,00 €
    Reduced price!
  • 19,00 €

    A signed coin disappear and reappear mysteriously in 3 trundles boxes. Easy to do. You will receive a detailed video explanation.

    19,00 €
  • 21,00 € 27,00 €

    4 coins of 50cents appear and disappear. Very easy to do. You will receive a detailed video explanation in english.

    21,00 € 27,00 €
    Reduced price!
  • 3,50 €

    The reference in cards deck, the best. A 12 decks cartridge for 30€ (2,50€ per unit !!!)

    3,50 €
  • 15,00 €

    Produce infinite lights from thin air! They come and go as you please! A must have for any magician! Easy illusion for beginners, and a standard for your stage show. You are in complete control! Produce a bright LED light from your fingertips whenever you want! Disappears at your command!

    15,00 €
  • 16,00 €

    2 black and white coins change mysteriously into others colors. very easy to do, from 5 years-old. You will receive a detailed video explanation.

    16,00 €
  • 10,00 €

    A ring enters and opens up from a rope magically. Very easy to perform, ideal for beginners.

    10,00 €
  • 12,00 € 15,00 €

    A very easy magic cards trick to perform. You will find in a lot of different ways the correct card, and much more. You will receive a detailed video explanation.

    12,00 € 15,00 €
    Reduced price!

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Magic shop

The Magic Shop.

Here is the magic !!!

Welcome to our magic shop!
We are Fabien and Jean-Philippe, specializing in magic for over 15 years. We would like to present you with our new website that is available everywhere in the world and there you will be guided by an expert. Here you willl learn how to accomplish the Magic tricks with the material as well as through video tutorials that you will receive by purchasing your magic tricks on our website! Furthermore, we will be able to provide you with videos in French, English, Russian and Lithuanian languages!

Why choosing our online magic shop? There are many reasons:
First of all, a professional magican is there to provide you pieces of advise by email or by phone, but also via skype or facetime. You will be connected virtually to Parisilamagie, and we will guide you.
Second, to be sure about the quality of our products as magic tricks are tested by a magican.
Next, there are no “small tricks”! All tricks have a strong impact on audience, that is why without any special knowledge, you will be proud of the magic you will present.
Last, but not least, here you will find magic tricks that are dedicated to everybody - from small (for 7-year old children) to large, from beginner to professional.
Parisilamagie is also a magician for your private parties, birthdays, weddings... You think “Magic”, think “ParisilaMagie”!!!